GalaChain Launch 2022 Strategic Move For Market Consolidation | Solves Eth Transaction Cost & Network Congestion Issues

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GalaChain, the proprietary blockchain from Gala Games is expected to launch before the end of 2022. Many analysts see this announcement as a strategic move to break free from the dependence on the Ethereum Blockchain and the problems associated with it. Moreover, GalaChain is also seen as a clear sign to play an active role in the emerging market consolidation.


Use in-game money to buy NFTs and items in the Gala Shop.

Gala Games seeks to transform the gaming industry by giving control of the game development back to the players. The goal of Gala Games, according to the platform’s website, is to “create blockchain games you want to play.”

The Gala Games Coin (GALA) is the platform’s token, which has several functions: Control of the network, incentives for node operators, and in-game prizes for players who participate in the platform’s games. GALA can also be used as in-game money to buy NFTs and items in the Gala Shop.

GameFi, blockchain gaming, gaming in general, and metaverse. All of these and everything linked to them have been extremely hot. The incredible growth and impressive potential have made billions of dollars for speculators, bringing millions of people into space. However, as with all new industries the competition is fierce and only a handful of entities are likely to succeed in the long run. Different strategies are used by companies to assure that they are the ones left standing, and Gala Games is one of the top contenders.

Why buy GALA?

Gala Games’ price skyrocketed 50,829% last year

GALA is a blockchain-based, play-to-earn gaming platform that enables users to earn its GALA token for accomplishing in-game missions and milestone achievements. Players can also create and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game or via non-game-based exchanges to earn crypto that can be converted to other digital assets including cash.

Gala Games plans to launch its own blockchain

In January, the company posted on its blog site that it’s in the final stages of launching its own blockchain. The GALA platform currently runs on Ethereum, which has had issues in the past with high transaction fees and network congestion. The GALA post states that migrating to its proprietary network — GalaChain — will reduce those inconveniences.

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