How To Mint Customized Passive Earning NFT Racing Car Tokens | RPM Limited Edition Mach 1 Series

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Ready Player Motorsports is celebrating the launch of its new Skybox, a glass-walled, beautifully designed private suite that allows you to watch car races at RPM racetrack from the air.
RPM became known for its race car NFTs, which you can design yourself and generate passive income.

Ready Player Motorsports

As RPM says, “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the Ready Player Motorsports Skyboxes!”

Ready Player Motorsports released the first images of their unique private suites floating in the air. With a glass bottom, a beautiful design, and an electric engine (zero carbon footprint), these flying suites are something out of this world, offering some outstanding views of the races that are about to go down on the Ready Player Motorsports racetrack.

Owners of these private suites will experience the same customization freedom they enjoyed with the Osmoto Mach 1 race cars and employ the same state-of-the-art smart contracts, allowing it also to store data on-chain.

A skybox can seat from 10 to 15 guests with views from all sides, including the floor, while also being able to follow the races from overhead or observe the unique wildlife around the track!

The full details of the skyboxes’ price structure and profit-sharing model have yet to be released, but the company expects to have more clarity by next week.

About Ready Player Motorsports

Ready Player Motorsports is a first-person racing game with play-to-earn rewards and player-owned assets using NFTs. The game’s first stage features cars from previous eras that became legendary in the racing space.

RPM as a driving game will be skilled-based, and players will be required to own an NFT car and pay an entrance fee using the RPM Token to enter a race. RPM Token is based on Polygon and used across the ecosystem as gasoline for the racing cars, the token to pay for car upgrades, and as the medium to reward players.

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