How To Stake Real-World DApps, Layer1 Protocols, P2E, DeFI, NFT | Best Crypto Passive Earning Opportunities 2022

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Given the unclear and very volatile situation in the global crypto markets, today we focus on how to get the highest deployment returns from crypto stocks instead of selling them outright. Which projects offer the best return opportunities for this? We took the trouble to find an answer to this question. Here, we’ve listed 25 trustworthy crypto projects with the highest return on investment. We looked into Real-World DApps, Layer 1 Protocols, Play-To-Earn projects, DeFi and NFTs. We hope that this will help you decide if you are interested in this question.

Real-World DApps

Verasity – 18.25% p.a.

Verasity stands out from its peers through the uniqueness of its offerings. Its services cater to three diverse areas of Esports, its own NFT marketplace, and Ad-tech. While gives viewers access to triple-A game tournaments and crypto-based gaming content, its superior blockchain foundations and its patented Proof of View module help advertisers and publishers of video content combat fraud and secure revenue through a patented technology.

You can stake $VRA for an 18.25% yield per year through the project’s native platform VeraWallet.

Synthetix – 7.6% PA

Another high staking returns platform, Synthetix, serves as one of the most trusted derivatives liquidity protocols for real-world trades. It helps create synthetic assets and offers unique derivatives for trading. The total value locked has already surpassed $280 million, with the benefits of best price execution, lowest downtime and liquidation, and downtime risk. You can visit Staking Rewards to stake SNX.

AAVE – 6.49% PA

AAVE is a well-known liquidity protocol where you can earn interest by lending and borrowing your assets and building applications. AAVE is fully decentralized, governed by the community, with more than 110K token holders. Holding the native token of the platform makes you eligible to supply liquidity, staking, borrowing, and voting on crucial governance matters.

There are multiple platforms you can choose to stake AAVE, including Binance Staking and Staking Rewards.

Compound – 2.49% PA

Compound is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol that helps developers build financial applications of their choice. It is one of the most secure platforms in the crypto space, with security audits, formal verification, and market risk assessment done frequently by credible industry bodies. You also access several high-return staking pools by owning Compound Finance’s native COMP tokens.

The best platform where you can stake Compound is its native platform, Compound Finance, and Staking Rewards.

Layer 1 Protocols

Avalanche – 29.75% PA

What helps Avalanche stand out from the rest of the players is its Smart Contracts platform. In fact, Avalanche is probably the fastest in the entire industry. Smart-contract-enabled applications utilize Avalanche to gain an advantage over their competition.

Since its launch a little less than two years ago, Avalanche secured more than 450 individual projects with more than $118 million AVAX burned. AVAX, the native token of the network, registered its all-time high of $146.22 on November 21st, 2021. Binance Staking Platform is the best staking option for AVAX.

Ethereum – 10.12% PA

Ethereum comes only second to Bitcoin in its presence in the crypto and blockchain space. The native Ether token registered its all-time high of near US$4,900 on November 10, 2021. The network has pioneered a host of new avenues for the market to expand by introducing the concept of Smart Contracts. It also has the quality of hosting other cryptocurrencies through the well-known ERC-20 compatibility standards. Binance Staking Platform is among the most popular options to stake your ETH.

Bitcoin – 8.19% PA

When it comes to discussions around Blockchain or cryptocurrencies, hardly anyone is unaware of Bitcoin’s role and importance. It occupies more than 40% of the cryptocurrency market alone. It is the first decentralized, P2P digital currency, used as a store of value and signifying ownership rights as a physical asset or as a unit of account. Bitcoin registered its all-time high price of $68,789.63 on November 10, 2021. The most popular platform to stake BTC is the Binance staking platform.

Solana – 7+ % PA

Solana is a high-utility open-source project, pivoting on blockchain’s permissionless nature to work out efficient DeFi solutions. It facilitates DApp creation and encourages aiming for enhanced scalability by combining proof-of-history (PoH) consensus with the underlying proof of stake consensus. Solana’s native token SOL witnessed its all-time high of $260.06 on November 6th, 2021. Atomic Wallet is among the most popular staking platforms for Solana’s native SOL token.

Litecoin – 5.5% PA

The Litecoin network is known for its capability to solve bottlenecks that once hampered the growth of many well-known networks. It offers fast, secure, and low-cost payments. Though created on the Bitcoin protocol, the Litecoin network achieves these properties by differing in its hashing algorithm, hard cap, block transaction fees, and more. LTC, the native token of the Litecoin platform, had its all-time high of $413 on May 10th, 2021. The best platform to stake your LTC is BlockFi.


Gods Unchained – Up to 100% APY

Gods Unchained is a highly rewarding platform. Its token GODS has staking pools with more than 90% returns. One of the most prominent features of Gods Unchained is that it offers complete ownership of in-game items, unlike other free-to-play gaming platforms. The platform has – to date – facilitated more than 52 million worth of card exchanges, along with $570K in the tournament prize pool. The best platform to stake $GODS is Huobi Earn.

Axie Infinity – 82% PA

Probably the most well-known name in the P2E space, Axie Infinity’s native token AXS token offers more than 50% staking rewards for multiple pools. It provides a digital world full of adorably exciting pets named Axie. One can battle, collect and use Axis to earn cryptocurrencies with real value.

The AXS holders qualify to claim rewards when they stake their tokens, play their game, and participate in governance votes. It is also possible to earn more AXS tokens by playing diverse games within the Axie Infinity Universe and through Axie’s user-generated content initiatives. Axie Infinity’s own AXS Staking Dashboard is the best platform to stake your AXS tokens.

Cosmic Champs

Cosmic Champs is where you can collect, battle, trade, and conquer with exciting crews of ex-soldiers, hotwired robots, and other cosmic misfits. $COSG, the native token of the platform, can be staked to earn more tokens and prizes. Additionally, $COSG also helps holders enter tournaments and win more prizes. The platform has partnered with and received backing from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Algorand, Borderless Capital, YouBI Capital, Mozaik Capital, and more.

The Sandbox – 24.5% PA

The Sandbox is a community-driven P2E platform for creators to monetize their voxel assets and blockchain gaming experiences. The native token of the platform is SAND. An ERC-20 compatible token built on the Ethereum blockchain, SAND has a finite supply of 3 billion. You can use SAND for all practical purposes relating to the platform, including value transfer, staking, and governance. The token is available on all leading exchanges in the crypto space, including Binance, Huobi, KuCoin, Gemini, etc. The best platform to stake your SAND tokens is Binance Staking.

Decentraland – 0.5% PA

Like Axie Infinity, Decentraland is one of the most representative names in the P2E space. Its native MANA token can give returns as high as more than 95%. Decentraland is the first-ever virtual world owned by its users to create, explore and trade. It is run by a DAO that owns the most crucial smart contracts and assets of the platform. The best platform for Staking MANA is the Binance Staking Platform.


Panther Protocol – 100%+ PA

Panther Protocol is a privacy-enhancing DeFi project that aims to change the way privacy works in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Instead of providing an anonymity-maintaining blockchain like Monero or ZCash, Panther Protocol enables crypto users to send transactions on existing chains, such as Ethereum and Polygon, completely anonymously. The project’s native token $ZKP powers the protocol and is required to use the platform when it launches.

You can currently stake $ZKP on Panther Protocol’s official staking platform by simply connecting your Metamask account or other trusted wallets with the application.

Osmosis – 84% PA

With more than 50% APY for one of its pools, Osmosis is one of the highest staking yield DeFi projects. Along with being an AMM protocol, Osmosis is a specialist provider in the Interchain DeFi movement. Users can leverage Osmosis to create, construct, design, and deploy customized AMMs and create interoperable decentralized applications.

Its Superfluid Staking feature allows its native token OSMO for both staking and liquidity. Moreover, the flexible and non-traditional AMM tools that Osmosis offers are considered significant progress in expanding the boundaries of the crypto market and the DeFi paradigm. You can stake your Osmosis token on Trust Wallet.

Alpaca Finance – 61.87% PA

With close to 20% staking yield, Alpaca Finance has gained much traction of late as the largest lending protocol that offers yield farming on the BNB chain and Fantom. Alpaca has already clocked a TVL of US$715 million and is counted amongst one of the most secure protocols, with 20 security audits completed to date.

Through Alpaca, one can become a lender to earn safe and stable yields. What makes Alpaca a key player in the DeFi space is the provisions of undercollateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions, resulting in better profits than similar platforms. The best platform to stake ALPACA tokens is its own native platform.

Curve – 3.2% PA

Besides offering a nearly 30% staking yield, Curve is one of the most well-known DEX exchanges that skilfully manages the AMM model to manage liquidity. It was also quick to complement its services with a DAO and an in-house token named Curve. CRV is an efficient and multi-utility token with a decisive role in the protocol’s governance and incentivizing users for their liquidity commitment and ownership tenure. Staking Rewards is the best platform for staking CRV tokens.

Convex Finance – 2.24% PA

With staking yield reaching more than 37%, Convex is a DeFi arrangement where you can deposit your Curve LP tokens, earn Curve trading fees, and boost CRV and CVX tokens in exchange. Moreover, the CRV stakers can stake and earn additional CRV over and above the CVX tokens and Curve trading fees.

There is no maximum cap on the amount of CRV tokens that a user can stake into Convex. Convex’s success can be gauged from the total value locked in the protocol. At the time of writing, the total value locked in the protocol has crossed the mark of 7 billion USD, with total CRV earned nearing the mark of 190 million CRV tokens. The best platform to stake CVX tokens is Convex Finance’s own platform.

Uniswap – 0.67% PA

With APY going above 43% for one of its pools, Uniswap is one of the most revered representatives in the crypto world, with its trade volume nearing the magical figure of 1 trillion US dollars to date. With more than 300 integrations and more than 4,400 community delegates, Uniswap boasts a robust DeFi apps ecosystem, including developers, traders, and liquidity providers. Its more than 300 integration ensures that you seamlessly swap, earn and build on your assets. The most popular staking platform for UNI is Binance Staking.


Polychain Monsters – Up to 60% PA

The NFT staking facilities at Polychain Monsters makes you eligible to earn weekly rewards with an opened booster pack. As you keep completing challenges, you improve your collector score and build a solid income stream through the native $PMON tokens of the platform. It is possible to harvest $PMON daily with each opened booster pack by farming $PMON or the partner tokens of the platform. The staking and unstaking facilities come with no time commitments attached. The best platform to stake $PMON is Polychain Monsters staking dashboard.

Splinterlands – 35.2% PA

With more than 35.82% staking yield for one of its pools, Splinterlands is where you can play next-generation card games. You can start playing and trading anytime you want and can earn with every win. Another enticing feature of Splinterlands is that you do not need to sacrifice the real-world value of physical cards. Moreover, it offers diversity with four rarities, seven stats, seven elements, more than 64 abilities, and 500 cards. Alpaca Finance offers the highest APY on SPS tokens.

Flow Network – 8.33% PA

Specially designed for games & digital collectibles, Flow is a blockchain platform from Dapper Labs, the developer of highly popular Cryptokitties. It was conceptualized after the founders were unhappy with Ethereum’s performance. The likes of NBA Top Shot, Crypto Kitties, and Seussibles are already running on Flow. Its native token, FLOW, is among the fifty largest tokens by market cap. The best staking platform for FLOW is Staking Rewards. – 5% PA enables fans to buy tokens of their favorite teams. Sports teams can also design their tokens to grant additional powers to holders, such as sway over key decisions that can shape the team’s future. Chilliz (CHZ) is the native token. Token holders can visit Binance Staking to stake their CHZ tokens.

Gala Games – 3% PA

Gala Games is one of the most popular gaming ecosystems & community of NFT enthusiasts in the crypto world today. Its in-game token is GALA, which players can use GALA to buy various items and NFTs from the Gala marketplace. The best platform to stake GALA is Youhodler.


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