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Constant progress and further development is also part of everyday business for blockchain game developers. So it is not surprising that Gala Games is always looking for new partners to expand its portfolio. The latest adventure is called GRIT. This partnership has just been announced. Read on for the details


Gala Games


The West wasn’t just won with iron. Every gunslinger and cowpoke with a round in their revolver thinks they have what it takes, but you need more than just firepower to ride off into the sunset on this frontier– you need GRIT.

Here at Gala Games, we’re always searching for new titles to offer a unique gaming experience to our community and we’re proud to announce a partnership with team GRIT! Note: This is subject to a node vote, coming soon!

GRIT is an all new battle royale, set in the frontier of the old West. Saddle up your horse and shine your boots, because this gun fight won’t wait ’til high noon. Multiple game modes will take you deep into the world of the Wild West– from shootouts in the town square to the dusty plains of the frontier, where the only sign of civilization is the Pacific Rail.

Beyond just typical battle royale gameplay, GRIT features in-depth systems so you can play the exact type of gun fighter you want. Will you focus on strengthening your frontier-hardened survival skills, or go all-in on being the quickest draw in the West? Ride out in style with a variety of cowboy and gunslinger equipment and bond with your trusty steed to master run and gun combat. Collect weapon cards for special bonuses and perks to customize your skills and mastery of the frontier.

In GRIT’s Wild West, the fastest hands may not be enough to save you. Realistic physics mean that you’ll have to lead targets and be deadeye accurate for long shots. You’ll have to fight smarter and sometimes shoot from the hip– not every fight can be won running in guns blazing.

Loot a winning hand of weapon cards from the fallen yellow bellies that stood in your way. Combining weapons of the same suit unlocks powerful perks, but you may have to make hard decisions about which weaponry is worth it. Are you willing to give up your flush for an ace in the hole?

The Storm’s Coming

Your loyal steed may help you run from the all-consuming Calamity Storm, but the only way to truly survive is to outlast all the other greenhorns and bushwackers to prove that you are the one true champion of this frontier.

This town ain’t big enough for the two of us, and in GRIT you’ll need to fight to the last man standing. Grab your big irons, put on your hat and get ready. The storms coming– do you have the GRIT it’ll take to ride off into the sunset?

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