The Walking Dead Empires Pre Alpha Demo Released | Public Play Test & Developer AMA

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Join  for a public playtest of the upcoming post-apocalyptic MMORPG and an AMA with the developers!

The Walking Dead: Empires pre-alpha demo is now available! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to host this playtest and give the community a chance to experience the game. Don’t wait to play, as this demo is only available from now until 12pm PT on Thursday, September 1st.

Pre-Alpha Demo

It is important to note that the gameplay elements experienced in this demo are not final, nor are they fully inclusive of our vision. We are grateful for the opportunity to test our tech and provide this advanced look.

During this period, we may be required to perform server maintenance. This could potentially limit access to the game or result in a loss of your progress. Though we do not anticipate this, we want to make sure players are aware of the possibility.

Once the demo has ended, our team will analyze performance and stability. The data from your experience will be extremely useful as we continue development. We can’t wait for you to play!

How to Play

-If you are new to Gala, first follow the steps below to make a Gala Games account-

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your info as prompted during the registration process
  3. Verify your email and set up 2FA (recommended)

If you wish to continue setting up your Gala wallet to store tokens and game items:

  1. Choose the option at the top for your Inventory, and choose “Finish Setup” when prompted
  2. Create your transfer code. This will be used to authorize transactions on your account and should be different from your password.
  3. Memorize and write down your Recovery Phrase in a secure location. This set of randomized words will be your last resort to access your wallet should you lose any other credentials.
  4. Enjoy your new Gala wallet!

Alternatively, follow this handy guide below from a friend of ours!

-Once you’re signed into your Gala account, access the demo through the steps below-

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select “Install Launcher” and start the download
  3. Once the download is complete, refresh the page and select “Install Game”
  4. After following the prompts to install, you should be able to refresh the page and join the playtest by selecting “Play”

This playtest is currently only available for PC users. (Although the final game will be available on Windows and Mac, with the possibility of mobile/console support.) The team has developed the demo on laptops with 16GB of RAM and GeForce RTX 3070 GPUs. It is not yet known what the bottom end of hardware requirements is for the demo. Similar or more advanced machines to the ones it was developed on should perform well.

It should be noted that this is an early build without many of the optimizations that the final game will have. It is entirely possible that the demo will perform on machines with lower specs than those mentioned above, but this has not been tested. The data from this demo will give us a wide range of feedback on compatibility for future reference.

Can’t make the playtest? Check out the video below where some of our favorite content creators hopped in for an early access stream with TWDE’s Development Director!

Upcoming AMA

On August 31st at 2pm PT, a pair of TWDE team members will be discussing the pre-alpha demo and answering your questions. Hop into The Walking Dead: Empires channel in the Gala Games Discord before or during the event to ask your questions to the developers.

Follow the scheduled video below to set up a notification when we go live!

Arsenal Crafting Stations on Sale NOW!

The Arsenal is where players will be able to craft a wide variety of ranged weaponry to make sure you can defend yourself while keeping some distance between you and your foes.

See a few examples firsthand of what’s craftable at the Arsenal by playing our pre-alpha demo, available from Aug 30th until 12pm Pacific on September 1st. Check out the Gala Games Store to get your Arsenal Crafting Station NFT now!

The Walking Dead: Empires

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